About Us

Modern Muslim Market is a growing marketplace where the latest generation of Muslims go to find products that express the entirety of who they are. We work with designers and artists within the Muslim community giving them a space to sell their work and earn money from every sale. 

Our purpose is to support the growth of creatives, makers, and voices in the Muslim community as they work towards representation.

Our Story

Amine & Savannah's Story

After moving in with my fiancé, Amine, the designer (and wife) in me was desperate to redecorate his bachelor pad. Replacing the couch was going to take time, but the black velvet scroll with gold glitter - that was supposed to be easy. So, I casually mentioned how we should replace it with something more stylish. He was shocked, clearly offended, and very firm in his belief that it was "beautiful." 

There we stood, looking at a lopsided scroll, completely confused by what the other saw. After some discussion, it became clear, he didn't have a passion for black velvet and gold glitter - what a relief. It was the meaning of the art on the scroll he found so beautiful. So we negotiated and began a mission; if we could find art that had both the substance and style we wanted, we'd buy it and donate this piece. After years of searching, it ended by launching Modern Muslim Market.



At Modern Muslim Market, we do our best to hold ourselves to a higher standard. Some people call it social responsibility, we call it good business. So as tradition requires an organization will be picked to donate our Zakat to - but we want your help. We'll ask the community to pick where the money will be best served.