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Haadia Khan artist

Haadia Khan

I am an artist.
Every brush I have the use allows me to express my feelings onto the texture of paper; every single stroke shows the world what my impression is. I genuinely believe that I was born to be an artist; I was born to know contrast and highlight. 

I am Deaf. 
The world around me is a black and white film; I see everything and collect everyday experiences to become my own. With my hearing aids, I can experience many alternative opportunities not readily apparent to the hearing person. In this sense, I am often able to see the best in people and places. 

I am a Muslim. 
I was born into a hardworking immigrant family. My Islamic values, steeped in a family ethos of hard work and struggle, have taught me to be healthy and to endure whatever trials may come. Through my life experiences, I see the turmoil and conflict that face the people I know. Sometimes people lose their faith in the struggle, but I believed that religion could help inform our goals. In my mind, the goal is real belief combined with inner peace. This combination I something I try to express in my art. 

My life is unheard.

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