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Meet Haadia

Haadia Khan I am an artist.Every brush I have the use allows me to express my feelings onto the texture of paper; every single stroke shows the world what my impression is. I genuinely believe that I was born to be an artist; I was born to know contrast and highlight.  I am Deaf. The world around me is a black and white film; I see everything and collect everyday experiences to become my own. With my hearing aids, I can experience many alternative opportunities not readily apparent to the hearing person. In this sense, I am often able to see the best in people and places.  I am a Muslim. I was born into a hardworking immigrant family. My Islamic values, steeped...

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Meet Maryam

Maryam Adam Maryam Adam is a British, Muslim artist of Gujarati heritage currently pursuing a degree in Communication Design at Central Saint Martins School of Art. From a very young age, she discovered a passion for expressing herself through Art and Design in solitude, she has always experimented with different mediums, but as of late, gearing toward Graphic Design as opposed to traditional art. Maryam's work, regardless of how it comes to life, often seeks to embody the timeless values of Islam and visualize stories or emotions that are difficult to communicate through words. Stay up to date with Maryam's work by following her on insta. @paintingonmars Check out Maryam work here  

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Meet Ehsaan

Ehsaan Mesghali Ehsaan Mesghali hails from Los Angeles, California where he works primarily as a consultant, educator and street artist. Originally trained in architecture, he began his career in 2007 and has since held senior design positions at various firms and agencies in the Los Angeles area. Today, he works as a Creative Director for professional projects that range from marketing, branding, illustration and digital design. Ehsaan is a true design professional finding design solutions for internationally-recognized brands including such as Adidas, Apple, Audi, Nike, Target, Fred Segal and Christian Dior. More recent clients have been focused in the music and entertainment industries working with established acts. His multi-disciplined background has allowed him to explore and hone his own unique style. His most recent art and design experiments explore themes...

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